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Narendra group established in 1978 earlier starting Manufacture of printing machinery, now exporter of Roto Gravure Machines. The group later on diversified in Manufacturing of petrochemical products in big way presently the Narendra group companies are the leading manufacture in the packaging line of product by the brand name of Safari. The group companies also manufactures of EPS (Thermocoal) Resin and Thermocoal Packaging (Moulded) and Corrugation box apart from these company group also serves the society by running three Education institutions.

Narendra flexipack Co. Pvt. Ltd. Has set up a plant in Ballabgarh to manufacture “EXTENDED POLETHYLENE 9(EPE)0” from the internationally renowned technology which gives high quality standard. It has been marked under the brand name of SAFARI. Adding to that is the company’s excellent service provided by a team of highly trained and dedicated personnel, in addition to providing quality products Narendra Flexipack Co. Pvt. Ltd. also provides custom made solution in EPE Foam and its related products to suit the client exact need and requirements.

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commonly Asked Questions By The Users

These are some Questions which are generally asked by the users

Applications of EPE foam sheet are use in fitment or packaging of heavy goods and also use in making world class mattress it also use in insulation purpose.
Features of EPE Foam rolls are:-
• Light weight so it easy to transport
• Moisture/ weather resistant and long life
• High load bearing capacity and shock proofing
• Flexible and easy to use
• Non dusting and no maintenance cost
• EPE foam cannot change it shape because of odorless feature

EPE foam rolls are available in the thickness of 1MM to 100MM. And the size available are (35x72), (48x72) and (1400MMX2000MM) in White and Black stranded colour and we also provide custom size and colour as per the need of customer.

The application of XLPE insulation foam is in the pre engineering building industry and textile industries for thermal insulation and Acoustic application it is beneficial to use insulation in upcoming infrastructure for the energy saving and cost saving purpose.
Features of Xlpe insulation foam rolls are:-
• Wide operating temperature range from -400 C to +1150 c
• Negligible water/moisture absorption. More than >90% closed cells
• Class ‘1’ is specified for surface spread of flame.
• Flexible, easy to install and maintenance free
• Resistant to fungi & bacteria

The XLPE insulation foam are avilable in plain, aluminium foil, metpet foil, UV black foil, and UV white foil in white and gray colour From thr 3 MM to 50 MM of thickness in the various width like 1200 mm, 1250 mm, 1500 mm .
We also provide custom made solution as per the need and demand of the customer on a specified quantity

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